The Policy

The Honda Foro CHI blog provides reliable information that is found to be true. We do not allow false information to be published on our website. We have a team, who are dedicated in checking the truthfulness of every article that we are publishing.

We might be mentioning car hire company names and posting about their services. But, we would like our readers to know that we do ask permission from these companies. If that company does not allow us to post their name, then we will respect that.

Since car hire companies are mentioned in this website blog, we do not accept financial assistance or fees from the said car hire companies. So, we would like to let every reader, car hire companies and car hire customers to know that we do not involve financial or monetary transactions through our website blog.

Everybody is invited to participate and join our team of writers. But, please be reminded that we only accept original articles for publication purposes. If your articles are verified to be copied from other writers or form of publication, then we will disregard it. And then, you will lose the chance of taking part in our team of writers again.