Perth Car Rental Company Give Tips

Car Rental Tips from a Perth Company

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In this website, we have published several posts all about hiring a car. However all of these information are purely our opinions and no-one else. So this time around, we decided to ask an actual local car rental company in Perth (Western Australia) specialising in a variety of vehicle hire in Perth about their opinion or tips about hiring a car when on holidays. Here are their top 5 tips:

#1 Choose a Reputable Car Hire Company

Before deciding on your car, you need to decide on the rental firm beforehand. Although you may be tempted to go with the cheapest priced car, it may not always be the best choice. when doing your research, read the reviews they are receiving. Are they good reviews? If not why did they receive bad negative reviews? Through experience, it very rare to see a rental firm having 100% 5 star reviews. But that doesn’t mean they are not worth considering. As people tend to leave a scathing negative review about little things. But overall, it is up to you to go with what you feel is right. Just remember, it is not all about the price. Make sure that they have good support system and a well balanced reputation.

#2 Beware of Hidden Catches

Most of you are aware of this when signing contracts. Well, hiring a car is no different – make sure you read the fine print before putting pen on paper. Believe it or not, most people are not fully aware of what they are actually signing. Off paper, everything may look obvious but upon reading the finer print it may be the total opposite.

For example, do you what you are covered for if you had an accident? How much is your excess? Are you even covered at all? These are some of the questions you should ask when signing on the dotted line. also, make sure there no other extra fees such as having animals in the car during the hire period.

#3 Take Photos

Reputable hire car companies will ask you to go over the car before driving away. This is evidence of what the condition the car is in prior to you taking possession. A picture paints a thousand words right? So, it is highly recommended that you take photos (even with your mobile phones) before driving away. That way, they can’t blame you for damage that was not your fault.

#4 After the Hire

Just because you’ve checked everything when picking up the car, it does not mean that your due diligence is done. In fact it is just the beginning of the process. When returning your hire car, make sure that the vehicle is inspected immediately with you present. Never have someone else checking the car over without you personally being there.

#5 Alternatives

Now this may sound strange coming from a car hire company, but make sure that hiring a car is actually what you need. For example, you may be fine by catching public transport such as bus or train. This is especially true if you are not venturing too far out of the city that you are visiting.

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