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Perth Car Rental Company Give Tips

Car Rental Tips from a Perth Company

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In this website, we have published several posts all about hiring a car. However all of these information are purely our opinions and no-one else. So this time around, we decided to ask an actual local car rental company in Perth (Western Australia) specialising in a variety of vehicle hire in Perth about their opinion or tips about hiring a car when on holidays. Here are their top 5 tips:

#1 Choose a Reputable Car Hire Company

Before deciding on your car, you need to decide on the rental firm beforehand. Although you may be tempted to go with the cheapest priced car, it may not always be the best choice. when doing your research, read the reviews they are receiving. Are they good reviews? If not why did they receive bad negative reviews? Through experience, it very rare to see a rental firm having 100% 5 star reviews. But that doesn’t mean they are not worth considering. As people tend to leave a scathing negative review about little things. But overall, it is up to you to go with what you feel is right. Just remember, it is not all about the price. Make sure that they have good support system and a well balanced reputation.

#2 Beware of Hidden Catches

Most of you are aware of this when signing contracts. Well, hiring a car is no different – make sure you read the fine print before putting pen on paper. Believe it or not, most people are not fully aware of what they are actually signing. Off paper, everything may look obvious but upon reading the finer print it may be the total opposite.

For example, do you what you are covered for if you had an accident? How much is your excess? Are you even covered at all? These are some of the questions you should ask when signing on the dotted line. also, make sure there no other extra fees such as having animals in the car during the hire period.

#3 Take Photos

Reputable hire car companies will ask you to go over the car before driving away. This is evidence of what the condition the car is in prior to you taking possession. A picture paints a thousand words right? So, it is highly recommended that you take photos (even with your mobile phones) before driving away. That way, they can’t blame you for damage that was not your fault.

#4 After the Hire

Just because you’ve checked everything when picking up the car, it does not mean that your due diligence is done. In fact it is just the beginning of the process. When returning your hire car, make sure that the vehicle is inspected immediately with you present. Never have someone else checking the car over without you personally being there.

#5 Alternatives

Now this may sound strange coming from a car hire company, but make sure that hiring a car is actually what you need. For example, you may be fine by catching public transport such as bus or train. This is especially true if you are not venturing too far out of the city that you are visiting.

Car Hire Service Options and Information to Consider

You may have your own cars, but do you usually use it for business purposes or you prefer using your company car? Do you have other options if those modes of transportation are not available? How about if you are traveling with the whole family and other friends or relatives, but your private car is not enough to accommodate everybody? And then, what if you are traveling to a different state or country and wants a private transportation for your trip? With all those questions, the only answer is to rent a car.

If it is your first time to deal with car hire services, then what would you like to know about this company? It could have been better, if all of those car hire companies are offering the same services. But, the truth is that not all of them are the same when it comes to services. That is what you need to know, so that it would be easier for you to choose a company. Anyway, you can always ask for recommendations, especially if you know someone, who had been renting a car for years.

Service Rates

There are car hire companies, who are highly recommended and competitive in the market. Pretty sure that they charge and collect more than the other car hire companies. If you can cope up with their rates, then go for it. But, if you are in a slightly tight budget, then you better choose a car hire company with a cheaper service rate. Anyway, you can always go online to compare the rates and deals of different car hire companies, provided that they have a website.

Car Options

There are customers, who would like to choose the type of car and model as well as the manufacturer. That is how choosy they are. So, as a car hire company, they must have those cars. Most of the big car hire companies, will surely the type of car that you would like to use. But, for mid and small companies, they have limited the type of cars to choose from. It is now up to you, to either choose a different car hire company or stick with the current company that you are dealing with.

Most mid car hire companies have four-seater cars and vans for rent. So, you are lucky if you can find the one that you need because those cars are not always available or still out. So, if I were you, better make the reservation ahead of time.

Packages and Promotions

There are also packages offered for a very affordable price and practical choice. You can always check the official websites of these car hire companies, so that you will know if they are offering packages that you might really find interesting and helpful for your business and personal trips.

If you are going to check a promotion, you will notice that some of these companies even deal with weekly or monthly regular rentals. So, if you think this works for you, then grab it because for sure that you can save money with that option.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Car

Hiring a car is already getting popular in different countries. Some of these people do not have their own automobiles while some have personal cars, but prefer to hire one. These people have various reasons why they hire cars and that would always depend on the situations that they are facing.

Let’s say that you will have a business meeting in a different town or country. If renting a car is more practical than bringing or using your private car, then rent. There are also those who have personal cars but travelling with a bunch of friends, then they better rent a car to accommodate everybody because it is more convenient. If you need to drive for long hours, but you have kids to bring and you do not have enough car seats for kids, then you better hire, so that you can drive well and safer.

When you hire a car with or without an additional driver, you must know how this car for hire company can help you. If hiring a car from them only shows that they are the only ones who benefits the deal, then you better get a different company. As a client and as a customer, you have to meet your needs and you have to get the maximum satisfaction. If there is no assurance that you will be happy with their service, then look for other dealers.

Anyway, we have here a few pros and cons listed. May you find these helpful and as a consideration before hiring a car.

The Pros

  • It would be faster to reach your destination, especially if you are coming from the airport.
  • The car for hire companies have devices, such as a GPS that may be a feature or as a part of the package that you agreed with.
  • Renting a car is more convenient than public transportation like buses or trains because you do not need to always stop at every station. You will just stop, when you need to go to a restaurant or comfort room.
  • You do not need to worry too much about the car’s maintenance because the car rental company will be the one, who is in-charged on that.
  • The fees are affordable. So, if you can’t manage to buy your own car, then hire a car.
  • When it comes to the routes, you can always define your own route and take short cuts. That is not always possible with public transportations.
  • You can always choose a car that suits your needs, especially if you are traveling in groups.
  • The car for hire company will deliver the car wherever you are. That is why this is best for those who are coming from the airports.
  • With cars for rent, you can always go anywhere you want without thinking about catching a bus or train.

The Cons

  • Mileage is indicated, so if you exceed the limit, then you will pay additional fees.
  • Gas is really costly.
  • You cannot take the car over the country border.
  • You need to return the car where it was delivered.

Tips in choosing Car Hire Companies

People like traveling and they find it more convenient to move around with a private car. It is true that traveling by public transportation is not always comfortable because sometimes the big buses are crowded and takes longer time on the road due to bus stops. It could have been better if you can bring your own car every time you travel. But, it will be more expensive that is why some of these travelers hire cars to drive.

Car Hire companies vary in prices and services, so it is a must for you to know those things before signing an agreement or booking with them. Do you know that you can even save some money, if you can find the right Car Hire Company? This will only happen, if you are going to consider the tips that we are going to share.


Through the help of the car hire agents or brokers, you can easily compare the difference between the car hire companies. Here, you can check right away the prices that a car hire company will collect. It is also included there the services that they offer. What’s really good with the brokers is that they have dealt with the companies and that is one way for you to get promotions and extra services.


This is an option that you must greatly consider. You have to understand the insurance policies, options and what it covers. You have to know the type of insurance for hiring a car. This is very important because you are traveling and you are just renting a car. So, if an accident or damages happen, then you must know what to do.

Fuel Policy

Will you use the car with an empty fuel and just fill it for your usage? Or you will be given a full tank fuel and then, return it with a full tank? This is an option that you need to consider, depending on long you will use the car and how far you will go.

Age Limit

If you are a minor and wants to rent a car, then ask the company if you are allowed and how much will they charge you. If you are an adult, but over 70, then ask if they will still allow you to rent a car.

Features of the car

You have to know the type of car and its features. Does the car have a GPS or other high-tech facilities? Is the car’s air condition, functioning well? How about the sound system or portable DVD player? You just need to know what is with the car, so that you will know if it fits your needs.

Mentioned above are just some of the factors that you must consider before renting a car. This is very important for your satisfaction and convenience. It is essential for you to have a full and clear understanding about the Car Hire Company’s rules and policy before accepting the deal. You should also make sure that you know what you have agreed to avoid problems when returning the car.