Car for Hire Policies

When it comes to hiring a car, you must know the policies set by the company. This policy is very important because if you will not follow this, then you will be penalized. You may even be charged with some fees. There are even companies, who blocks these people and ban them from making transactions with the car for hire company.

Anyway, if you have plans of hiring a car, then you better know the policy that they have. It is also for your own good anyway. It would be best for you to be aware about the policy rather being ignorant about it because you can never use that as an excuse.

We have here policies that most car hire companies usually follow. This information will be very helpful to those who are planning to travel using cars from car hire companies.


You can only be eligible in hiring a car if you are already holding a license for 8 or 12 years. Seniors, whose age is 75 and above are not allowed or permitted to rent a car. But, if they can present a medical certificate stating that he is still physically and mentally fit to drive, then the car for hire company will review your letter and may consider you as a client.


You must have a valid driver’s license. You need to present this to the car hire company personally. When we say valid, it must not be expired.


The person, who will drive the car mas have his own credit card. He needs this for the deposit fee. And then, it is also a must to bring this card upon your arrival to the car hire company’s office to settle your hiring transaction.

Optional Coverage

There are car hire companies, who offers optional coverages, such as Super Damage Waiver Cover, Additional Driver, baby or booster seat, GPS device and one way rentals.


When it comes to the fuel, it is either you will go for the prepaid fuel or the standard refueling.

With the prepaid fuel, you may choose this before renting the car. Here, you do not really need to refill the fuel of the car after use. But, if you did not consume the fuel, then you may not get any refund.

For the standard refueling, you may return the car and later on you will be charged with the refueling fee.


As a driver, you are responsible in paying any toll fees because the car hire company will not collect any amount of your toll fees. There are those who do not pass on highways with toll gates, so it would not be fair to pay a toll fee to the company if they don’t need it. If ever that there are companies collecting tool fees, then it must be an optional offer.


If you already booked or reserved a car, then you will be charged with a certain percentage. Let’s say that you will pay the 60% of the total fees. Anyway, there are companies with cancellation cover per week or those who give refunds.

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