Tips on how you will rent a car online

If you are a busy person, then you will find it a bit difficult to go to car rental services personally. Do you know that if you need to rent a car, you must come to their office and bring the required documents as well as the initial payment?

You will need to get a queue just to have a transaction with them. What if you failed to bring all the required documents that the company is asking? That only means that you need to go back and bring the requirements. That will take you another queue. This means that you need to spend much time just to finish booking or reserving a car on the schedule that you want to get that car.

What to do

You must be aware that you can reserve a car online. If you do not know how to do it, then we have here a few tips for you to read. May you find it helpful when booking a car to rent online.

  • Compare the prices of car rentals online

The very first thing that you need to do is to check the prices of different companies online. They may also have promotional offers or deals to choose from. Anyway, among the fees that they usually add is the underage driver fees, airport surcharges, mileage fees and additional driver fee.

  • What size of car do you need?

There are various sizes of cars to choose from and that will depend on the number of passengers. Companies use different terms and they have different interpretations about the sizes of cars. It could have been better if you can see examples of the cars available together with the corresponding size and number of passengers it can accommodate.

  • Consider your activities, destination or point of start

There are those who are coming from the airport and then, from there they are going to use the car or they will pick it up there. If this is your case, then you have to check promotional offers regarding flights with car rental packages. This is one way for you to lessen your expenses.

  • Other Features

There are those who will rent a car and request for various features, such as seat for babies and devices like a GPS. You have to ask first the company, if you they have those features. If they have, then you need to know how much it would cost. If the price is too much, then you better bring one if you have your own.

  • Is insurance included in your fees?

It is very important for you to ask if there are insurances, such as Personal Accident Insurances as well as Roadside Protection. Insurance is a very important policy that a car hire company must have to protect the customers as well as their car.

  • Payment

There are companies online, who do not require you to pay the initial fees. While there are also those who will ask for your credit card number. It is up to you to choose the company that you will trust. Anyway, do not forget to check customer reviews to learn more about their experiences.

Car for Hire Policies

When it comes to hiring a car, you must know the policies set by the company. This policy is very important because if you will not follow this, then you will be penalized. You may even be charged with some fees. There are even companies, who blocks these people and ban them from making transactions with the car for hire company.

Anyway, if you have plans of hiring a car, then you better know the policy that they have. It is also for your own good anyway. It would be best for you to be aware about the policy rather being ignorant about it because you can never use that as an excuse.

We have here policies that most car hire companies usually follow. This information will be very helpful to those who are planning to travel using cars from car hire companies.


You can only be eligible in hiring a car if you are already holding a license for 8 or 12 years. Seniors, whose age is 75 and above are not allowed or permitted to rent a car. But, if they can present a medical certificate stating that he is still physically and mentally fit to drive, then the car for hire company will review your letter and may consider you as a client.


You must have a valid driver’s license. You need to present this to the car hire company personally. When we say valid, it must not be expired.


The person, who will drive the car mas have his own credit card. He needs this for the deposit fee. And then, it is also a must to bring this card upon your arrival to the car hire company’s office to settle your hiring transaction.

Optional Coverage

There are car hire companies, who offers optional coverages, such as Super Damage Waiver Cover, Additional Driver, baby or booster seat, GPS device and one way rentals.


When it comes to the fuel, it is either you will go for the prepaid fuel or the standard refueling.

With the prepaid fuel, you may choose this before renting the car. Here, you do not really need to refill the fuel of the car after use. But, if you did not consume the fuel, then you may not get any refund.

For the standard refueling, you may return the car and later on you will be charged with the refueling fee.


As a driver, you are responsible in paying any toll fees because the car hire company will not collect any amount of your toll fees. There are those who do not pass on highways with toll gates, so it would not be fair to pay a toll fee to the company if they don’t need it. If ever that there are companies collecting tool fees, then it must be an optional offer.


If you already booked or reserved a car, then you will be charged with a certain percentage. Let’s say that you will pay the 60% of the total fees. Anyway, there are companies with cancellation cover per week or those who give refunds.

Requirements that Car Hire Companies ask

Car Hire Companies are all over the town. You can always choose the one that offers the best service. But, there is something that we must know before dealing with the car hire companies. It is very important for customers or clients to get some information, such as the requirements needed for you to rent a car.

There are different car hire companies. Sometimes the requirements needed may differ, depending on their policy and rules. There are those who asks too much requirements while there are also those who have only a few documents to ask from their customers. So, it is up to you to decide which car hire company you will deal with.

Now, if you are going to rent a car, you must at least know about the basic requirements that most car hire companies will look for. If you have these requirements with you ready, then it will be easier for you to rent a car anytime you need to.

Age Restrictions

Most countries do not allow minors to drive a car. This only means that individuals under 18 are not also allowed to rent a car. There are age restrictions in some countries because they have different policies and fees collected, depending on the age of the customer. They have age restriction under 25, such as from 18 to 20 and 21 to 24.

Driver’s license

You are going to drive a car, so it is very important for you to have your own driver’s license. You can never use someone’s driver’s license. Driving without your own driver’s license is against the law and if you are caught, then you will even be charged for that.


What is the mode of payment needed? You have to know if you can use your credit card or debit card. It is also important that this card is your own card. It doesn’t matter if you are just an extension of this card as long as you own it. So, if you have plans of using your card, then make sure that it is valid and has not met the card limit to avoid inconvenience or delays. Do not forget to make the necessary deposit fees as required by most car hire companies.

Identification Card

Car hire companies must make sure that you are not an alien. This only means that you must possess your own identification cards. Some of these companies ask for two valid ID’s. You have to make sure that this ID has your picture, name and address on it. Please keep in mind that expired ID’s are not valid. Your identity is very important, so that the company will know who their customers or clients are.


If you already have a personal insurance, then that is good. But how about an insurance for any car that you will drive, especially if you will hire it? There are Car hire companies, who will ask you to pay the insurance for security reasons. It could have been better, if you will avail it because it is for your own good.

Tips in choosing Car Hire Companies

People like traveling and they find it more convenient to move around with a private car. It is true that traveling by public transportation is not always comfortable because sometimes the big buses are crowded and takes longer time on the road due to bus stops. It could have been better if you can bring your own car every time you travel. But, it will be more expensive that is why some of these travelers hire cars to drive.

Car Hire companies vary in prices and services, so it is a must for you to know those things before signing an agreement or booking with them. Do you know that you can even save some money, if you can find the right Car Hire Company? This will only happen, if you are going to consider the tips that we are going to share.


Through the help of the car hire agents or brokers, you can easily compare the difference between the car hire companies. Here, you can check right away the prices that a car hire company will collect. It is also included there the services that they offer. What’s really good with the brokers is that they have dealt with the companies and that is one way for you to get promotions and extra services.


This is an option that you must greatly consider. You have to understand the insurance policies, options and what it covers. You have to know the type of insurance for hiring a car. This is very important because you are traveling and you are just renting a car. So, if an accident or damages happen, then you must know what to do.

Fuel Policy

Will you use the car with an empty fuel and just fill it for your usage? Or you will be given a full tank fuel and then, return it with a full tank? This is an option that you need to consider, depending on long you will use the car and how far you will go.

Age Limit

If you are a minor and wants to rent a car, then ask the company if you are allowed and how much will they charge you. If you are an adult, but over 70, then ask if they will still allow you to rent a car.

Features of the car

You have to know the type of car and its features. Does the car have a GPS or other high-tech facilities? Is the car’s air condition, functioning well? How about the sound system or portable DVD player? You just need to know what is with the car, so that you will know if it fits your needs.

Mentioned above are just some of the factors that you must consider before renting a car. This is very important for your satisfaction and convenience. It is essential for you to have a full and clear understanding about the Car Hire Company’s rules and policy before accepting the deal. You should also make sure that you know what you have agreed to avoid problems when returning the car.